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'What's It?' Tools Effect Plugin


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'What's It?' Tools Effect Plugin


This Paint.NET effect plugin allows you to identify files by looking for a file type specific signature in the file content.
If Paint.NET fails to open an image then you may check with this tool if the file extension is wrong and correct it.
Warning: If a file can be identified by the plugin then this does not mean that the file can be loaded by a Paint.NET native or plugin file type. The file may be corrupt or use an unsupported sub format.

If you are missing a specific file type or get a wrong identification just tell and we will see what can be done.


Identify Files, File type, File extension


Martin Osieka


Find the latest version of the plugin WhatIsIt.Effect v1.0 (11.4.2015) here WhatIsIt.Effect v1.0.zip


Follow the instructions carefully

  • Unzip "WhatIsIt.Effect vX.X.zip"
  • Copy the two files WhatIsIt.Effect.dll/.dlc to the Paint.NET\Effects\ folder

After a restart of Paint.NET you will find the plugin at
       Menu->Effects->Tools->What's It?...
oder für deutsche Anwender unter
       Menu->Effekte->Werkzeuge->Was ist es?... ;-)


Paint.NET 3.5.11 and 4.0.5

Supported languages

The language used in the plugin depends on the language setting of Paint.NET and the support of this language by the plugin. The fallback is the first supported language of the plugin. Languages are defined in the .dlc files. This plugin supports the following languages in the moment:

You may add your own translation to the .dlc file.

Dialog options

The basic windows just shows a list view panel and two buttons. One to identify a file and a second to exit the application.
The list view shows all file types which can be identified by the plugin.
The effect window has a hidden menu line. To show the menu line press the ALT key or click to the icon on the top left corner of the window frame.

Known issues



  • 1.0 (11.4.2015)
    - First public release
    - Supports around 50 well-known file signatures
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Thank so much @Midora  ;)  Martin Oesika for this Plugin which looks like it'll be very useful :lightning:

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