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Any plugin(s) sought but not implemented / available?

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Re: Any plugin(s) sought but not implemented / available?

I'm talking about digital editing in general - solutions to existing problems community is asking for. By "problems" I mean anything loosely defined as such: fancy effects currently possible to do only manually, perhaps AI for some intelligent processing, productivity features, processing and workflow automation, etc. Usually, people look for an idea, and then they start looking for problems to be solved by it. This is the other way around: existing problems calling for solution(s).

Here's my item: it seems that selection tools, like magic wand, have limited functionality as far as criteria for selecting "similar" pixels could be. Luminance is one of them, but it may be completely unsuitable for certain editing tasks.

Feel free to chime in with your item(s). Thanks in advance.

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Selection can't be done by a plugin (perhaps you just mean tools, in general, but those aren't actually plugins). I agree it would very useful to have more options for Magic Wand's match criteria.

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