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Scanning Calligraphy

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Hey guys, relatively new to paint.net here and I've got a question.  I work with calligraphy, and I saw something that someone did on the internet recently and I was wondering if paint.net had this ability.


Sorry for the poorly cropped pictures.  I screenshotted these from a video and it was the best I could do!


The first picture is the handwritten text that this person made, and then the second picture is what he somehow turned it in to.  Obviously to change the color scheme he must have scanned it into his computer and done something, but I don't know what!  I've been working in a program called Inkscape for my calligraphy needs because it can trace the bitmap of my writing and then I can change the color and whatnot, but I really like how whatever this guy did retained the whole hand-made look of his text.  Tracing the bitmap makes it look much more digitized.


Anyone have any idea how he managed to change the color of his text while keeping it so crisp and maintaining the hand-drawn look?  If it can't be done in paint.net, where can it be done?


Thanks guys!



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If you have my plugin pack installed, you can do this easily.

Open the scan with the black text on white background. It is best to have a clean scan where the background is a consistent color of white (not like the gradient of your first example image).

Use Effects > Object > Switch gray to alpha.

Next, use Adjustments > Invert Colors.

Create a new layer and move it below your text layer. Fill it with black.

Adjust the opacity of the text layer to taste.

My plugin pack can be installed by following the instructions here: http://boltbait.com/pdn/InstallingEffects.php

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Is it really hand written text or special font? I'm betting on special font....


Otherwise, do as BoltBait suggests.

As hard as it is to believe, that's handwritten (look at the t's)

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