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Paint Bucket + Auto Finish?

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Sorry to bring up a slightly old topic but is anyone else not a fan of the newer paint bucket - having to click finish or Ctrl+D after each fill?


I find it quite annoying - I would not think many people need the option to move the fill point or change color afterwards - at least it could be made an option in preferences.


Otherwise Paint.net is perfect for pixel based editing,

but I would love an auto-finish option for people who don't need this extra functionality.

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This is an older thread, I'm not sure if it's old enough to get the grave digging or necro-posting claims yet, but you probably should read the forums rules (rule 11) before you post on older threads again. A new thread would have been fine for this. :)
Anyways, about your not liking to have to hit "finish" every time, I can kind of agree. And I think your idea of an auto-finish option sounds like a good one. I personally like the versatility of the new paint bucket, but I can see how I would still prefer to use the paint bucket the classic way most of the time. I like both the new and old uses of the paint bucket, so a way to have both (without the need of new habits) would be great. I think your auto-finish option would accomplish the idea of having both.
As for a work around to not having to click "finish" every time, did you see my post above about making a new habit?

It's as Pratysh has explaind, things in paint.net 4.0 will take some new habits. :)
It really isn't that complicated, however, it is a new habit, and old habits are not easy to overcome.
As I pointed out in a previous thread,
Old Paint.NET -- Choose color, click area. Repeat.
New Paint.NET -- Click area, choose color. Repeat.
Click an area, choose a color. > Click next area, choose a new color. > Click next area, choose another color.
When you are done with your sequence of fills and coloring, then you can hit commit, enter, or change tools. :)

Old habits die hard, but the new one works fine, if you can get used to it. It feels a little weird to fill the next area with the same color as your first area, but since it's not staying that way, it really doesn't matter. If you learn the new habit, you can take advantage of having a normal workflow, hit finish a lot less, and yet still have the abilities of the new paint bucket for when and if you do ever want to use them (such as if you miss click you can just move the fill instead of re-filling. Or you can test out several colors without having to hit undo and re-fill each time. You can even click the "more" in the colors window to adjust your color into something custom while the fill is still active).

But again, old habits aren't easy to overcome. Even today, despite how long I've known of this new habit, because I don't use the paint bucket tool very much I still find myself almost instinctively using the paint bucket the old way. Which is why an option for an auto-finish sounds nice.

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It would be rather nice if there were an "auto-finish" checkbox to specify whether a finish occurs automatically after an action. Sometimes the finish feature is very useful, but often it's just a bother to remember to do it. I doubt it's ever been useful to me for the Paint Bucket color selection to require a Finish. I suppose that goes along with the useful ability to change the tolerance, in order to make the behavior consistent.

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I came. I read. I split (the topic into it's own thread)

I suggest you get used to hitting Enter or the Finish button. Many new tools (Shapes et al) use it.

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