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Transparent outlines, need them to be opaque or invisible.

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I was interested in figuring this out. I plan to make graffiti for my scene and the Minecraft 3D animation program I use has some odd alpha bug to where semi-transparent pixels cause them to phase through everything, generating this effect. The newer version will fix it, but that's in a year or so ahead of me.


The only way to get around it is to make things fully transparent or fully opaque. An image can have both, but cannot be in between.


Thus the graffiti I am using I used the cut color plugin which yielded positive results. Yet there was still parts of it left. I want to either:

  • Make the semi-transluscent areas totally opaque
  • Make the semi-transluscent areas totally invisible.

Is there a way to accomplish this in standard Paint.Net or will I need a plugin to achieve it. If so, how would I? Thanks in advance.

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These plugins spring to mind Alpha Transform and Alpha Threshold.  I'm sure there are many more which will do the job just as well.

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