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How to Reproduce Color Adjustments in Paint.NET?

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Hello everyone.


I am interested to know if it's possible to reproduce in Paint.NET what you observe in this video where person adjusts colors in Photoshop: http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=1ioi8m&s=8#.VRRLZfnxLwo


Would it be possible and close enough or there is other free tools that can do better job at that?



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Hi TechnicGeek,


the short answer to a short general question is: Yes.


The little bit longer answer is. There are all kind of adjustments in - I guess - the Adjustments menu of Paint.NET. Plus there are a lot of plugins available. Still you have to open the application once and check out what is available for your needs.


If there is a specific question left then someone may guide you.

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The purpose is to make photos that have not enough lighting white like was done in video above.

Actually the photo was more like dark orange and with magic of color adjustments photo was now

on clean whit backgorund. Also details on object that were not seen before became more visible

which I assume might have to do with gamma.

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Are you looking for a White Balance?  Try this plugin White Balance or White point Correction.


Other than that you can use Adjustments > Curves or Adjustments > Levels.

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