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Tools Turning into Hand Tool


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Perhaps this is a bug, or perhaps I just don't understand how it's supposed to work, but quite often, especially with the Paint Bucket, when I click the mouse, instead of filling the region, the cursor turns into a hand cursor, and a dot and up/down-right/left arrow appear at the point I clicked. When I release the mouse button, the original cursor reappears. It's pretty annoying, so if it's a bug, I hope it can be fixed, and if I'm doing something wrong, I hope someone can set me straight.

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That happens with both the Paint Bucket and the Magic Wand... turn into the hand cursor that is.


Also, the icon in the status bar (while displaying the tool's help info), depending which tool is selected, will show the Tool's icon or the generic "?" icon.

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The icon you're seeing is the point that you've clicked on.  In PDN4 this click-point is relocatable.  You can drag it around to see what would have happened if you'd clicked a different location.


While this icon is active, the operation being performed is 'unfinished' - it can be modified.  Press the Finish button or hit the Enter key to commit the operation (it becomes 'finished').


In PDN3.5x a click with the Paint Bucket just did a fill based on the click point.  If you wanted to modify the tolerance, you had to undo, adjust the tolerance and re-click.  Now you have options to modify Tolerance and Click-point while the fill operation is still actively being performed.  No undo is required anymore..

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There's probably a pattern to it, but it seems to me that the Paint Bucket randomly fills or puts up the arrows. I press Finish, and the sometimes the next click does a fill, and sometimes it puts up the arrows. I think I preferred the old method. I'd rather do a few undos to fix mis-clicks than try to get it to do the fill when I want it to. Perhaps I'll change my mind when I understand the behavior better. I do generally like the way tolerance can be changed after the click, though sometimes it's a bit confusing when I mean to change the tolerance for the next selection, but forget to press Finish. At least the behavior seems consistent.

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