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Opening Fax created and saved in .tif format.

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Was wondering if somebody could help me please.

I have a fax coming though in portrait mode, but when Paint opens it, it displays the fax in landscape mode and squshes everything up.

If I open the .tf image in Window Picture and fax viewer, it comes through fine.

The image size in pixels is 1728 by 1137.

I've tried several way to sort this but still the same.

If i scan and email the same peice of paper. It comes through fine.

Got me puzzled.

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I can easily reproduce it. Seems like there is a bug somewhere.

Edit: Nevermind, its properties box show a width of 1728px and a height of 1137, so it is actually larger than higher. And it bug in MS Paint, too.

My guess is that some options may specify the "shape" of the image (portrait or landscape), and that the PdN Tiff support is not complete (IIRC, it does not support multi-pages tiff files, per example).

I don't know if adding Tiff fonctionality is in the way, though.

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