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How long have you been using Paint.NET?

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How long? And how you found it? I was searching 3 years ago for a drawing software. I wanted to draw few video game characters and i wasen't so good at image editing back then. Then i found Paint.NET and installed it. On first sight, it looked like the normal microsoft paint. I got mad and i was about to uninstall it, but i didnt. Few months later i needed to make a logo. I tried out few features that Paint.NET have offered and so i started learning. Now i am Intermediate user of Paint.NET, and i use Paint.NET when i need to make anything. Logos, thumbnails, and other things!  

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I don't remember how exactly I got to Paint.NET. Maybe it was 3 years ago, a friend told me about this software but I might have actually seen it before he did. I did not pay much attention to it back then. I was a newbie at that time so I did not understand the layer system for these types of programs. I thought it was so confusing so I did not pay much attention to PDN. Back then I was relying on Windows 7's MS Paint for making edits and felt like a pro with it.


Then somebody asked me to create a transparent picture which is getting rid of the surrounding white background of a logo so I searched for a way and that's when I discovered what Paint.NET can do to make transparent PNGs. Photoshop is too heavy to use quickly on my machine so I had to settle with PDN. I learned about the layer system around the later months of 2012 when I had to use layers to trace a new outline for a map, paint its green then add a background. It turned out easy to understand. I was also looking at the simpler tutorials on Youtube and discovered how to change the eye color using a layer with Overlay blend mode and using certain plugins.


I discovered more and more of these plugins until around mid-2013 when somebody on Facebook asked me to edit, design and create banners. I was using them better, creating my own techniques and also learning new stuff on this forum until I was able to create semi-professional kinds of works such as a Christmas banner last 2013 and edits to impress my Facebook friends and I did some for them last Halloween. I also relied heavily on the Curves, Curves+ and Levels tools to enhance colors and lighting on several pictures, including my own photography. I had a decent amount of practice with that. My experiments with layers gave me the ability to apply that color filter on my profile picture which used to be black and white and even create my current sig entirely out of PDN.


I sure hope I get 80% as good as the real pros on this forum the near future though.  :lol:  :mtdew:

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Well I got my very first laptop, a Dell Inspiron, in 2008. Being new to computers I was a bit nervous about downloading anything and I kept going back to the download page and chickening out. But in the end I took the plunge, clicked on the download button and have not looked back. PDN has always been the first program I install on any new laptop and has become a permanent fixture . A few times when I found myself struggling for inspiration I have thought about uninstalling it, but that`s as far as it`s got. Just a thought.  


I suppose the reason I wanted an image editing program was to try my hand at making my own images, especially spacescapes as I have always been fascinated by space and spaceflight since I was a kid. Once I had PDN I went on YouTube and looked at as many video tutorials as I could find, doing each one in turn. Finally I felt confident enough to want to post some of my images online. So first I joined PDN Fanatics (now sadly gone because of spamming but replaced with PDNFans). To be honest I did not want to join this forum at first and just used Fans but then I needed some advice about a plugin (don`t ask me which one, it`s so long ago now I can`t remember) so on September 6 2008 I registered and have been here ever since. :)

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Please feel free to visit my Gallery on PDNFans

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I've been using Paint.NET for nearly five years on and off. Back in 2010 I developed an out-of-the-blue interest in creating digital artwork. One day I began browsing the web in search for a freeware application when I suddenly ended up on the download page and later on I discovered the forums. I remember stars were my first renders with the Star Glow plugin. Since then I've been checking the tutorials and plugins sections as a guest until mid January this year when I decided to become an official forum member.

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Once upon a time, like 15 years ago, I was using a piece of software that was bundled with a printer I'd bought. I think it was called Adobe Photo Essentials or something. I was using it to make very low-tech collages.

A few years later, I switched computers and operating systems and suddenly the software didn't work anymore. I went on the prowl for a replacement and came across PDN.

And I absolutely hated it! =O

I couldn't get used to how different it was and gave up almost instantly. Fast forward to 2011 when I began self-publishing. I bought my very first cover but at $400 a pop it wasn't a sustainable business plan so I dusted off my copy of PDN and gave it another shot.

This time I actually made an effort to learn not only the software but the basics of design now I enjoy it a lot.

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I don't know when I started using paint.net. But one of my pictures dates back to 2007. Aside from doodles, one of the first things I used paint.net for was for a PC game. The PC game came with an exterior piece of software that let you export and import the game's content to edit it. In order to edit the content though, you needed an art program or photo editing program that had layers, could handle transparency, and could save in the right formats. Paint.net ended up being the program that I used to edit my game's content. I was never very good at editing the content, as I didn't really know what I was doing, but it was still fun.


At one point I used paint.net to re-color and manipulate pictures of cartoon characters. I also used to play an mmorpg, the mmorpg had it's own forum, so I made sigs and edited pictures of my characters and friends' characters.


All of the stuff I used to do with paint.net I don't do very much anymore. Instead of using it as my editor for games and cartoon pictures, I mostly use paint.net just to play around in the program itself now.


Also, I used to stalk the forums a little bit to get plugins, but it wasn't until 2013/2014 that I became active on the forums. Now I use paint.net to make paint.net pictures. (I follow tutorials, enter contests, have a photo gallery, etc.) I use paint.net because I like taking part in this online forum community. Most other editing programs don't have nice forums like this one, or they are too professional.

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