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I have Paint.net on my personal laptop as well as my work computer. I love this program, I have tried all sorts, and Paint.net definitely beats all. HOWEVER, I am confused about something. My personal computer has many add-ons and my work computer just has the base program. So I have edited a poster as I want it on my laptop, but I notice under my print options on my laptop, there is no "High Quality" option, only "Standard. However, on the base software installed on my work computer there is a "High Quality" option. I have to e-mail the file from my personal computer to my work computer, go into the print setup all the same as my laptop, but then get the luxury of choosing a better quality print.

Please help! I know this is a small issue but I greatly appreciate any help. ;)

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Try Print It. It has a wonderful set of printing options.

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Just as a remark. PrintIt will show a combination of the named resolutions and the dpi ones. But just what the driver reports to the application. So if a resolution is not there then the driver may not support or just not report it.





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