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Sizing Issues

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Hi I have been using paint.net for my business. I am a far cry from a graphic designer and Just do some basic designs and editing. However I am having some serious sizing issues. For one if resize a separate image that I am going to combine on another to a specific size and copy and past it, it pasts as a larger size than the one I need. It happens quite often and it's rather frustrating. It does not keep the size I copied for some unknown reason and will use the un-resized size!


Second I create origami designs and I need very precise measurements as I print out the designs with pictures etc on it, so that when I fold it it comes out perfectly where I want it. Here is an example https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/9e/fd/6c/9efd6ccd900183ceb6948f462f441d65.jpg

To do this I need to have the canvas size be precise and I need to be able to get millimeter accuracy when setting the lines. The only thing I need accurate is the lines, once I get the lines in place I can use the layers to bring in other photos words etc.  


For some reason I have an issue doing this. For some reason when I set my canvas size  for example 21CM x 29.7 and save it it saves as 20.99 and 29.5 for example. 


Also I can not seem to get the pointer to the exact centimeter to draw the lines where I need them. This makes everything off center when I fold it and does not look good.


And again, I will often create a design and try to print multiple copies of it on one paper so I cut and paste but then lose the very precise measurements again. causing issues with the final fold. As I do this as part of my business not just a hobby I would really like to have everything line up as it saves me time on folding, (I can sometimes fix misalignments during folding) and it looks a lot more professional if I can get it precise!




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Hi Isaiah,


you can not expect that a printer will print a page always at the same place on the paper. That's the reason why printer pages define a non-printable area on a standard page. A printer just guaranties that the printable area will be completely visible on the paper.


So if you need something quite precise then you have to draw a border and cut the paper at the border before you start folding.


I would propose to use the PrintIt plugin to do the printouts.


And for sure to get a good precision you have to work with a high dpi setting of the image. 300dpi is the minimum.

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Thanks, I think that will solve my accuracy problems, as for the printer, I do have things lined up with my printer in mind, however when it saves as the wrong size all that goes out the window. Also I can not seem to copy from one image and past into the other image and have it keep the same size. for example I have a image that is 11,19cm x 12,86 cm that I copy when I paste it come in as 30,80cm x 35,38cm ! a bit of a difference eh? this is a problem!

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The dpi setting is a little bit hidden in 'Menu->Resize...'.

You can change the dpi value w/o changing the amount of pixels.


A4 (21.0 x 29.7) at 300dpi has 2480 x 3508 pixels.


300 dpi means 118.11dpcm or with other words the size of one pixel maps to about 0.1mm.

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Hello Isaiah, (Midora has just answered you - but I'll add this too) ;)
Paint.net 'thinks' in pixels!
(d.p.i. = dots per inch for printing, p.p.i. = pixels per inch for screen. Generally use 96 ppi for screen and 300+ dpi for print)
If your 11cm image changes to 30cm that's probably because the p.p.i. is different in the image you are pasting  into. The number of pixels should remain the same.

Make sure the image you are copying and pasting has the same resoloution (dpi/ppi) as the destination image. The cm sizes should be less confusing then.

To change the resolution go to Image/Resize and there is resoloution box with a choice of units. That's how to change the ppi of a blank canvas too.

Yes it is confusing and getting things to print at the planned size can be a challenge!
This tutorial is worth reading.http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/17049-dpi-and-you-understanding-resolution-for-print-and-web/

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