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An unwanted function with the layers window.

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Using paint.net's layers, I have noticed a function that I am sorry to say is often annoying. I understand if this isn't important enough to give your attention to, or if there is nothing that can be done about it. However, just in case it is something that can be looked into, I want to explain this undesired functionality.
When you add a new layer, the layer list automatically tries to scroll to the very top of the layers window. If you have a lot of layers, and are working with the middle layers in the layers window, the automatic scrolling changes which layers are on-screen. If you are trying to focus on a specific group of layers among your many layers, it gets tedious to have to re-position what layers are on-screen every time you make a new layer. I could understand the layers scrolling a little bit as they adjust to the newly inserted layer, but this is not what happens, instead the layers somtimes shift to quite a large degree.

I don't think I'm explaining things very well and my explanation might be confusing, so here are steps and pictures to help demonstrate what I'm talking about.
1) Have a lot of layers. For example, I have 24 layers of photoshop brushes from a brush set.
2) Re-size the layers window to show five layers at a time.
3) Use the layer's scroll bar to scroll somewhere around the middle of the layers window and focus on a specific group of layers. (I scrolled to where layers 13 – 17 were on-screen)
4) Of the five on-screen layers, click on the fourth one up. (for me, that would be layer 16)


5) Now add a new layer to witness the unwanted function. The layers window automatically scrolls up, kicking layers 13 – 16 off screen, and instead shows a different group of layers. There are many scenarios to where this functionality is unfortunately unwanted.

Thank you for your time.

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