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American Sidewalk

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Hello. :)


Can you give more detail? The more detail you share the more we might be able to help. For example, do you have the picture you want to use the sidewalk in? What viewpoint do you want of the sidewalk? Looking down it as if you were walking on it, or looking at it from a side view? (don't know how to share pictures? see here.)

I can't give you any step by step instructions at the moment, but here are some suggestions of things that might be able to help you make sidewalks.

Try looking at pictures of sidewalks. You can use pictures for referencing, comparison, and even tracing.
Sidewalk-300x225.jpg   driveway_2.jpg   image.jpg
Check out texture tutorials. Even if there aren't textures that are perfect, you can still learn from the tutorials and then try to come up with a texture of your own.
Learn how to use paint.net's rotate zoom. You can use Rotate zoom to angle your sidewalks. You can also try some distort plugins to help you angle your sidewalks, such as TR's Distort This and Quadrilateral Reshape which is part of this plugin pack.  (How to install plugins?)

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American sidewalks can be made out of several different types of materials, concrete, stone, bricks, small rocks, dirt,etc. First you have to layout a path you want your sidewalk to take and dig it down about 4-5 inches. Then you line the sides with strips of wood and every 2-3 feet add a cross piece for a spacer in between sidewalk sections to prevent cracking. Once done with the wooden frame you fill with the material you are using such as concrete until it is flush with the top of the frame. After the concrete has hardened you remove the wood and use a concrete deburrer on the edges to round off the sharp corners. Now you push the dirt back to the edge of the concrete and apply grass seed where needed. You should be able to walk on the concrete in a day or so and with other materials immediately after finishing the project. All materials and tools can be found at the American hardware store, Home Depot or Lowes and their salesmen will be happy to give you advice and show you where everything is located. 


Hope this helps.    :D

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