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I would like input please

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Pixey suggested that I post this on the open board, so I hope it won't offend anyone.


I'm looking for suggestions from all of you for a problem I have coming up with a cover for one of my short books.


The thing is that I want to use a public domain pic of a page from the Voynich codex. But it is so Blah! Grey and white. So while I have to work with that pic and only the title of the book, I was hoping for some ideas from y'all on how to make it into an eye-catching cover.


Nothing over the top. But with some color. The page is part of the solution to a BIG CENTURY OLD MYSTERY--It's a parody so forgive the caps for emphasis! :)


The title is simply: Wendy's Discovery.


I know that probably none--or few--of you are my implied audience, but I'm not trying to sell you the book. I'm trying ot pick your very artistic brains!


Thanks. Now to cross my fingers that the image will load!





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Actually the title is Wendy's Discovery--Volume Four  of The Saga of Monterrain Souterrain by [at the very bottom of the cover] Volk Caldera. Thought I should add all of that so y'all can have a true idea of what I need.


Also when I said keep it simple, I mean so that I who barely know the basics, can do it. No plug-ins or anything. Just something to make it stand out. Even just a good background color or whatever--an artist I'm not.

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Making any image for someone else is a difficult proposition because the artist has no idea what is in that person's mind. In this case one would have to read the book also. To make an eye catching image with no plugins is a tall order in itself for a nooby. I suggest looking through the tutorials and learn the program first and one day you will be able to put your thoughts in an image of your own.  ;)

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Wise advice I'm sure, but I don't have time.


That's why I said just something simple. Like a good background color to go with the image of the page.


Or font color or whatever.


This is a parody and the image itself is part of the book. And it's a mystery, so that's why the cover doesn't have to reveal any more than just itself. [if that makes sense].


Thank you for taking the time to reply!



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Hi Renee - sorry I can't help personally via PM's, but am happy to help on here when I have the time (which is a bit hectic right now with hubby having treatment).


Whilst it's very difficult to make anything with great POW - without Plugins, it is possible to use what Paint.net has to offer and come up with something nice.


Here are some steps which I hope will be of help and I'm sure 'others' will jump in with ideas too in time.


1.  Import your picture cover into PDN

2.  Go to Effects - Artistic - Ink Sketch - use it at default which is 50/50.

3.  Duplicate the layer and change the Layer Properties to Color Burn.

4.  New Layer and make your text.  Use new layers for each text you want - it's then easier to move around and resize.  Repeat for other text you need.

5.  New Layer and draw a line with the Line/Curve Tool :LineTool:  in Yellow and brush size #100.  If you keep the shift down on your computer you will get a straight line.

6.  Move the yellow lines below the Text layer.  Just drag it down or use move down blue arrow :MoveLayerDown:

7.  Change the Layer Properties of the yellow lines to 'Color Dodge'.

8.  When you are happy with everything you can then flatten.




Good Luck :) .

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Not sure if you would be interested, but I made a tutorial on how to make drop shadows : http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/31505-drop-shadow-tutorial/?p=423229.
I like to use drop shadows for text and objects. Drop shadows are fairly basic, but they can add an appealing look to most things. Since you don't want to use plugins, you can just skip part two. Part One doesn't use plugins, and Part Three just shows example pictures and has a couple of tips and short explanations.

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My thanks to all!


Agent Goodspeed, I guess it takes a writer to recognize what a writer is doing! :) I'm delighted you picked up on one of the things I'm parodying by indirect reference. There a others, believe me. I use a pseudonym Volk Caldera and you can find "his" books that are up so far by a quick search--should you be curious!


Pixey, as always, thanks for taking time that I know for you is precious right now. I'll try your suggestion, but I don't want the entire page as background. It hides the BIG Clue as to how the mystery is solved!!


And Fuzzy Huggles, I am very interested. I like the way the things have a "lifted" look. Hope I can get near what you did. Many thanks.



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