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REQ: remember filter window positions...

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My first post and I'd like to thank the Paint.NET team for an excellent tool - and an alternative to the ridiculous Photo$ apps.

I use it to mostly do my Ebay pictures and hence the pictures are quite small (in the centre of the screen) - 640x480, 400x300 etc.

However, when I apply a filter (e.g. Sharpen) the Filter windos comes up right in the middle of the screen and the filter is applied immediately - so I cannot see properly how my image has changed since it is mostly obscured by the filter window. I have to move the filter window, then do CTRL+Z and CTRL+Y to see the changes before/afer. after closing the filter window (now in a position other than the centre of the screen) - if I activate it again on my next picture - blam! smack bang in the middle of the screen and obscuring my mext image as well!

Any chance of getting the filter windows to remember their positions (even between sessions) - or making them appear docked or to the side?


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