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Many years ago on Claris Works - 'Paint' there was a 'pick-up' tool where you could use outline text or shapes e.g. star or banner, to pick up parts of a picture or texture. I have been looking for a similar function ever since Claris Works died.


The attached is the best I can do, using a background picture with a transparent star '.gif' overlaid in a web page, and then screen capture of the resulting image. post-140483-0-61986600-1424782019_thumb.


Can I do this (or better) in paint.NET?







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Paint.net has the selection tools and then to move things it has the move tools. Are those what you are wanting?


If you want a picture in a shape, then maybe these tutorials will interest you :




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Hi @rekrab and Welcome to PDN.


Perhaps these steps will also be of help.

1. Open PDN and import your picture.

2. On a new layer use the Shapes tool to draw a star at width #6 brush size.

3. Select the star with the magic wand.

4. Switch to the picture layer and use Ctrl I on your computer (to invert) and then hit delete.

5. Finally uncheck your BG and flatten the layers and save as png if you want to retain transparency.




I hope this is of help :) .

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