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Plugin/Method Suggestions for Ambigrams Please

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Need some suggestions as to plugins that would help create an Ambigram*. I'm looking to make one for promise/couples/wedding ring; but the generator that is available online has atrocious fonts :l And frankly, I'd like one that's actually legible ^^

I've been a member/user of paint.net for a long time; but i'm not nearly at the caliber most of you are. Could really use some help in figuring out how to create this. Thank you so much <3:D


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There is no automatic technique available. The few that you'll see on the forum have been crafted by hand.

@pyrochild has a neat one in his sig (by @Kemaru) and I crafted one for BoltBait here http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/8128-image-hospital-help-with-image-problems-here/page-36#entry402296

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When making this one


The technique I found most useful was to understand that the right hand side of the image is a rotational transformation of the left.

So, what I did was just focused just on the left hand side. When I had finished changes I duplicated the layer and rotated the new layer by 180 degrees. I used paint.net's built in rotate/Zoom tool (press Ctrl + Shift + Z). The outer ring of the roll control + the Shift key makes rotations by 180 degrees easy. The Pan control makes it easy to realign the rotated image to line up with the left.

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I can't really help you with the text effect you are wanting. But I noticed how you said you didn't like the fonts of some online generators. Thinking about font though, the font you use will probably play a key role in make the text effect you want. So, not sure if you are interested, but you can find fonts to use in paint.net from this free legal website : http://www.1001fonts.com/. There is also DaFont, but you sometimes need to pay closer attention to a font's licensing terms there.


(Paint.net just uses the fonts that are installed on your PC, so downloading and installing any fonts onto your PC and placing them into your font folder will gain you more fonts in paint.net.)

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The trouble with unmodified fonts is that they are built to be viewed one way. Turning them over via an ambigram is probably not going to produce the desired results.

A well chosen font will make roughing out an ambigram easier though.

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