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Import, then text?

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I'm running the latest 3.01

I'm trying to make a CD label.

I have a background .jpg.

On top of that, I'm adding the company logo.

Then I want to add text.

If I add text before I import the logo, I can read it just fine, but the text needs to fit around the logo, so I want to have the logo there first.

Once I have the logo imported, however, I cannot see any text. It all appears to be white(?) I see the cursor moving as I type, but I cannot see the text.

What am I doing wrong? Why isn't this as easy as I expect it to be?

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Are you putting the text on a new layer? Maybe you could post a pic. to help us.

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When you use the "Import From File" option it puts that image on a separate layer above your background. You are probably writing your text on the background layer as opposed to the layer with your company logo on it. Try adding a new layer after you import the logo and then just write your text on that new(top) layer...


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The problem is your selection. I can see that your logo is still selected.

If you have a selection active, all changes MUST be within that selection or they will be "clipped".

Press ESC to turn off your selection before adding text outside of that currently selected area.

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