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To Make With Shape 3D Eggs

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it



Plugins Needed:


Align Object                                    

1. Open a new Image. 800 x 600 fill it with the colour black, or any color. 
2. Add a New Layer and Draw Filled Shape Ellipse 300x300 Pixel.
(Pressing Shift Key while you draw makes a perfect circle.) Align Object and centre it.
3. Select Magic Wand at default, (with the magic wand select inside the circle.) Gradient (Linear, Linear (Reflected),
Diamond or any other. When they finish disable. A different method:
3.a) Select the Magic Wand tool and Texture "Newton Fractal", "Moire,or  "Nebulous" etc.
3.b) Select the Magic Wand tool and Object Apply Texture or
3.c) Paint them with your own colors.
3.d) Before Shape 3D "Deselect" circle.
4. Go to Effects<Render>Shape 3D.
 Then after Effects> Object AA's_Assistant
5. Select the Magic Wand tool (with the magic wand select inside the circle.)
they use your own imagination of the "Effects>Object>Drop Shadow" 
6. Background of changes in your version.
7. Flatten Image.
8.. Save your image as a png.
I hope that this method will be useful for you occasionally. 
Please post your attempts. Thank you for your time! Enjoy! 
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Apologies @Seerose I hadn't seen this before


Nice tut' ... I never play with the camera angle in S3D usually but you taught me I should


Spoon and wallpaper not PDN





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