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how to create a call to action(CTA) for my banners

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Hi, everyone


I want to create banners with Call to action Button (CTA) for example.. sign up now, click now, install now... so once the visitor click on the button, it directs them to a website or a link. I have searched everywhere for an answer but cannot find one.. I need your help guys..

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Hello alex, welcome to the forum!


I am not an expert and you may get better answers later.

I think you need to create a 'hyperlink' in the 'html' code for the webpage. The image itself does not contain the code. Try searching the web/wikipedia for lessons on html. Sorry!


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Paint.net is an image editor.  With it you can create the button image and banner image.  For any sort of interactivity (clicking, redirecting) you're going to need some sort of programming environment - it sounds like a job for HTML.


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