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I have been annoyed by one aspect of this really great app since I first started using it years ago.  That is, if you choose an Effect or Adjustment that previews its change on the currently visible image, the default for the sub-window (dialog) is to pop up smack in the middle of the image you are changing, blocking half of the image (and the most important - i.e. middle - half, at that!).  Thus I always have to move the sub-window aside in order to see the effect on the image.  


So the feature I am requesting is:

1. Allow an option to specify where sub-windows will pop up, and/or

2. At least have sub-windows pop up to where you last moved them (thus you only have to place it the first time)


BTW, I love how I am able to dock the tools.  I keep the main window sized about 2/3 of the full screen, and dock the four tool sub-windows at the four corners outside the main window, so as not to obscure the image I am working on.

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Please rename your thread to something other than the very general "Feature Request" .....


(Notice how someone else also posted a thread called "Feature Request." It's right next to this one right now. With a generic name like that I have no idea which one is which and it really hinders navigation and makes people less inclined to bother to even read it ...)

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