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TR's Filaments v1.0.15+ (Feb. 19th, 2015)

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Thanks TR! Now I know how NASA makes those Nebula pics. They start with TR's Filaments, then they apply a little Gaussian Blur and then they run the Dents plugin. Finally they add lots of sparks. :)


Speeking of Nebula Pictures, here is an animation I did a year ago using NASA's Nebula Images.




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Racer is fine with me.


If you like space videos, I made a cool TimeLapse of the International Space Station 3 years ago using NASA's images and uploaded to YouTube. In my personal 1080p version, I used Pink Floyd's "Great gig in the sky" sound track and it fits like a glove. For the Youtube 720p version I had to use royalty free sound track. If you download it, I suggest you replace the soundtrack with Pink Floyd's "Great gig in the sky" from Dark Side of the Moon CD. Add about 1 second delay in audio for video fade-in.


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That's interesting Drew - different O.S. updates must be on different days. Perhaps the Vista users club is based in Denham :D... or perhaps it's a Solar storm.

Denham is actually the Anti-Vista club HQ :D we are slowly converting everyone to Windows 8.1 and the coming soon Windows 10 ;)


On topic - Cheers for the new update TR, very impressive. B)



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I don't know what happened but I started out with three layers of your Filaments and then added some Gaussian Blur,Conditional Hue/Saturation,Dents,Bulge,Twist with Zoom,Dents again and ended up with this.     :D



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