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Stretch selection to new shape

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Hi everyone,


I'm looking for a simple function or plug in that will allow me to stretch a rectangle selection into whatever trapezoid I like. Specifically, I want to stretch the first shape in my example below into the second shape:




(I have a flat bit of text that I want to place on the side of a box which is drawn at the angle of that second shape)


I found a plug-in by ezenoid or someone that looked likely but it was hosted off-forum at a now-dead domain. I've seen Shape3D but I'm not convinced it will let me do this (and if so, certainly not easily!).


Thanks all!

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Hello bbx, welcome to the forum! ;)

There are a few plugins that may help - I would try this first (TR's Distort this).


If you go to the plugin index it may also be worth finding and trying these ones too.
Quadrilateral Reshape,


Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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You're lucky that you weren't able to download from somewhere off of this forum. Many plugins off of this forum put you at high risk for downloading a virus. For example, the most well known virus is one that we have called the Megelo virus.
In case you haven't seen this page, you can learn about where and how to download plugins form here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/1708-how-to-install-pluginsgeneral-plugin-troubleshooting-thread/.
And you can enjoy all of the plugins paint.net has to offer by exploring the plugin index : http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/15260-plugin-index/

With the plugins Red ochre has mentioned to help you, my personal favorites are Quadrilateral Reshape and Perspective.

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