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Pixy, ffmpeg (free) was used to render the animated gif, but the animation was done in Aviutl (free). I've been editing videos almost as long as photos, So I know a few things about animation.


The record player was a relatively simple animation using a Z-axis rotation of the record and play arm. This is a more advanced animation where I took a still image, separated into 2 layers (foreground, background) in Paint.NET. I then created a 3-D pan and zoom using camera shake to simulate walking with camera in hand. 


Motion_Picture_Sun.mp4 4.36 MB


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Sounds like you are selecting the file type of 'GIF' instead of 'Animated GIF'


you're right , i changed it to agif and the delay slider appears! But if I change the level using the slider all I see in internet explorer is a white background? Moreover, now when I re-open the agif file in paint.net I still only see a white background?


could use a 'walk through' tutorial on this one!


many thanks!

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The animated GIF that you posted has 3 frames. The first frame is just a white background. This is why the thumbnail is also white; it's using the first frame. Redo your GIF with just the 2 frames of the BMW.


Your issue with Internet Explorer is Internet Explorer itself. There is never a good reason for an end user to use Internet Explorer. Use a browser that gives you freedom; like Firefox or Chromium.

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