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I need to use my dense circle and have it transparent.

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I am making a photo that will be round rather than square/rectangle.


I placed a dense, 45 brush width, around my object but I cannot change the circle to transparent.  I want the inside to stay and everything, including the circle and outer edge to be transparent.  -  I cannot figure it out. 


I can get rid of the outer edges by using the wand but it is a landscape of a tree and the leaves are all sorts of greens with light between some of the leaves, not to mention the branches.   I am using the eraser to get rid of the leftovers.  I cannot manage to get close to the 'perfect' circle.  I even tried using the rounded line but I am not getting the transparency from there either.


I think I would use the paint bucket to change the color.  But I made the color 'transparent', used the bucket but it is not transparent.


How would I make a large, round circle transparent.  (Tried to upload 309 kb photo, I don't know if it worked)




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Thank you so much, I knew it would be something right in front of me!


Love your work, reviewed each piece and appreciate the information of what was used.  Bookmarked and will return frequently.


May you be blessed in ways you have not yet imagined.



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