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how to change color in only part of an image

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I searched and found a lot of angry bickering about countries, but not much practical info on what I'd like to attempt. So far I've gotten tremendous patient help from this forum, so I ask for it again please.


I want use a book cover photo that also shows the spine of the book and just to color the "flat" top one color and leave the spine part not changed in its color.


Is it possible--as in painting--to mask off the part I don't want to change? Or to use some tool to select only the part I do want to change?


I'll sure much appreciate help. I've used your answers so far to my good advantage. So I thank you!



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^^ this.


1. Add a new layer :AddNewLayer: immediately above the one with the photo in it.  Why?  Because you're not going to change the photo, you're going to mask a bit of it with a region of color on another layer.


2. Select the new layer in the Layers window by clicking on it.  It should receive the blue highlighting in the Layers Window which indicates it's the active layer.


3. In the Colors Window, change your Primary color to the shade you want to use as a fill.


4. Swap to the rectangle select tool :RectangleSelectTool: and define the area you want to recolor by clicking and dragging. 


5. Once the region is defined, use the PaintBucket Tool :PaintBucket: to fill the selected region OR just press the Backspace key.

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