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Need for revised and new popular features request thread

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Hi everyone, 


PDN 4.0 had arrived for more than half a year and there is a locked thread for Popular Feature requests. I think it should be revised as many things has changed.


I have been playing with PDN belnding modes,I think Color and Luminousity blending modes will be very useful. My favorite feature requests are


i) Color and luminousity blending Modes

ii) Dodge and Burn Tools

iii) Polygon selection / lasso tool. 



These things have awesome applications ( well, honestly it's my opinion, I don't know about others). and thread is locked so i cannot post there. So, I'm making this topic.


Thanks and Regards. 


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  1. Seen the BlendModes plus plugin?
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There is actually a different kind of lasso tool called the "Polygonal Lasso", it's a tool found in photoshop. I don't know very much about the tool, but what I have seen is it is a lasso tool that works by clicking from one point, to clicking to a next point, and making straight lines in between each point. It's sort of like a free-hand connect the dots selection tool, rather than the normal drawing functionality that the normal lasso tool does.

I would agree with Pratyush though, that I would like to see more tools in paint.net, such as a burn, dodge, blur, sharpen, liquify, and smudge tool. As well as more blending modes. The Blending modes plugin is nice, but built in blending modes are even better. ;)

Just a tip though, as a work around for not having a burn tool, you can set the brush's color to a medium gray, and then change the brush's blending mode to a mode that simulates a burning effect, such as "Color Burn".

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Thanks Cc4FH, it was that "Polygonal Lasso" tool. This selection tool is very helpful in selecting things which has straight lines such as machines. About the burn tool I tried using brush with color dodge blending mode. But it does not yield same result. While repeated use normal dodge and burn tool on any color results in white and black respectively, use of blend mode leads to some different colors which is dependent on subjected color. 


BlendModes Plus is great plugin which I use for workaround. But built-in Blend Modes works better because they let you some real time ability to manipulate blending i.e. change of transparency , switching on and off of visibility etc.

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