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Polar Inversion Flowers


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it


This tutorial is based on one originally done by Welshblue.
Plugins used are:
Hexagonal Grid
AA's Assistant
1.  Open Paint with canvas 800 x 600.
2.  New Layer and make a hexagonal grid with these settings.

3.  Use the Magic wand :MagicWandTool: set to Global and select a hexagon, then all should become selected.

4.  Make a New Layer and pick a color and, with the paint bucket :PaintBucket: fill the hexagons.  Delete or uncheck the hexagon layer below.

5.  Run AA's Assistant.
6.  Magic wand the hexagons again, make a new layer and run Bevel Selection at default.  Merge this down to the hexagon layer.

7.  Go to Effects - Distort - Polar Inversion and use these settings, or whatever flower design appeals to you.

8.  Use the Rectangle Select Tool :RectangleSelectTool:  to crop the flower down.

9.  With the magic wand set to Contiguous Mode click on the unwanted hexagons with another color - I used white in the example.

10. When they are all filled, change the Magic wand to Global , select one of the hexagons and then hit delete on your computer.
11.  Use AA's Assistant and then use the eraser to remove any unwanted pixels.
12.  Duplicate the flower and, on the lower of the two, run Trail at these settings.

13.  Duplicate your newly trailed flower, set it to Multiply and then merge the flower layers together.  Run  AA's Assistant again.

14.  You can play with other color options like color tint/color flip rotate, or the assortment of choices in the Adjustments Menu.





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Hello. :)
I wanted to share that in paint.net 4.0+ you can combine steps 3 and 4 and just use the paint bucket tool.
All you need to do is...
1) Add a new layer.
2) Choose the Paint Bucket tool.
3) Set it's flood mode to Global.
4) And change the sampling option from Layer to Image.


You will need to remeber to turn Sampling back to "Layer" though, or later you might find yourself effecting more than you want.



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