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Cc4FuzzyHuggles' Gallery! March/21/2016


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@CC....I think you did a great job 'aging' the photo. Superb!    :star:   :mtdew:  :cake:


The ice cubes are 'cool', too!    :)

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Thank you everyone for the kind words! :cake:


Here are some siggies I made while playing around with old competition ideas.


Warm Colors (made this from a glass theme)



Shiny & Reflection (made from the shiny theme)



Shiny & Reflection with Frame




Here are some pictures I made while testing out the "Inset Box Shadow" Plugin.


Roses & Pink & Red



Purple & Flowers With Frames



Flower Frames Art


Edited by Cc4FuzzyHuggles
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The signatures are breathtaking. Really beautiful. Great job Fuzzy!

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All the images are fantastic Cc4!  I especially like the 'Warm Colors' siggie....what font is that?  It's very fancy.    :)


The rose pics are beautiful, too. I love the 'Inset Box Shadow' plugin....it's so versatile!    Great job!!!   :mtdew:  :cake:

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