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Cc4FuzzyHuggles' Gallery! March/21/2016


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Hi! It's been a while since I last uploaded anything. So, here's one of my big images. :)


800 resize.




Full size found here.





Here is another version I worked on. I like the above version more though. I didn't get as much splash in with this one. But, this one's fruit is more visible.




Full Size.






Found some of the brush sets that I used brushes from. (original sources)





I also turned this image into a brush and then used it for some of the splash.

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Here are some photoshop filetype plugins :








abrMate can be used to turn abr brush sets into PNGs and export them as individual images : http://www.texturemate.com/abrMate


Or, if you have the file type plugins installed, I think you might be able to open the brushes in paint.net, and use this plugin to export the layers as individual pngs : http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/31996-zip-archive-filetype-plugin-zip/



Most brushes come in black. Simply invert the brush to make it white/clear. Place a black background behind the brushes so that you can see them.


For shaping the water and merging/blending the water...

Have the brushes you want, each one on their own layer.

Use the move tool or flip the layers around to help you position the different water pieces where you want them.

Then blend the water together. You can do this by either using the eraser with a soft brush to erase the distinctive edges, or use the Alpha Blur plugin, or Gradient Blend things.


For coloring, I added layers and used layer blending modes. And here's a tip: I adjusted the water's brightness, since gray picks up blending mode coloring better than white or black.


That's kind of the general idea for how I did things.  :)

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I love all your pics, Cc4FuzzyHuggles!     :cake:        I especially like the 'fruit splash'. It looks so refreshing!     :)

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Thank you everyone.   :cake:  :)
I have a lot of pictures this time! These are pictures I have previously made. They are again, pictures that aren't old to me, but they are new to my gallery. :)

This group of uploads is sort of like a Spheres Collection.

Inside Checkered Box With 3D Spheres

Checkers & Gradient Bars

Marble Sphere

Abstract Glowing Blue

Reflective Blue Swirl

Vivid Colors Deep Swirl

Shiny Vivid On White

Shiny Vivid on Black



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CC4...Wow, all are very nice and creative! I like the Marble Sphere.


Great job!     :)

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Thank you very much everyone! :)
Here are some more pictures.
I saw some ice cubes in another thread, which reminded me of my own mini ice image that I had made. So, I thought I would post it and share it.
My next images are actually photo edits. I tried my hand at trying to make a photo look like an old aged photo.
The original photo is from freeimages.com. For comparison here is the Original Photo :
Here is the Aged/Olden Edit.
And an artistic twist version.
And finally, here is my previous SOTW entry, from the Teddy Bears theme.

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