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Cc4FuzzyHuggles' Gallery! March/21/2016


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Awww ..... just love the fuzzy doggies <3 and that wine bottle and grapes is top notch, but what blows me away is the fruit 1,2,&3 ........... WOW :)  phenomenal!


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Thank you everyone. I really appreciate your comments. <3
I'm happy many of you seem to like the fruit. I actually have another picture that I used the fruit in, but that picture is pretty big and I'm not positive if I would consider it “done” yet.


However, here is a full size version of the abstract purple fruit. (click image for full 1123x1048 size)


Here are three pictures I haven't shared yet.
I made these by getting a colorful pinwheel idea from another picture, and by using the "Gears" plugin.


Mini Colorful Pinwheel

Rainbow Wheel on Gray.



Colors Pinwheel.

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Last four images are just.... Wow.


I particularly like the purple abstract.  It has an enormous magnetic pull for me.  I have revisited it several times just for another look.


In fact, I'm going to nominate it for the Galleria...

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Thanks everyone! I'm honored to have something chosen for the Galleria. <3

And thanks Sasha! What a complement, to want a tutorial of something I made. I'm not sure how much I can remember in order to make a step by step tut on the color wheels, but if I get time to play around with the idea again, I might try to put something together. I have a list of tuts I want to make already, but to be honest, I'm not good at actually sitting down and writing them up.

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Fa-bu-lous! Yep. You're quite the artist. The fruit photo manipulation is spot on--who would've ever thought to use Dents for that effect? The pinwheels are excellent. Again, this was quite something. Congrats on getting your work to the Galleria!

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Thank you very much everyone for the nice comments. :)



Here is another picture.

My current siggy for this weeks SOTW competition is a re-make of this older picture that I made a while back. I made the picture by playing around with Shape 3D, shadowing, and blending modes. I think I used the Alpha Mask plugin to help with some parts of the image too.



(If I get the time, I am hoping to edit the picture a little bit.)

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