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A little while back @Drydareelin asked if there was a way to render complex mathematical equations in paint.net.  You can imagine how difficult it would be trying to put this little number together...




There wasn't an easy way, so I created a little plugin to do the job.  Welcome to Dr Scott's* Markup Renderer!






What does it do?


It takes markup wrapped in an HTML document in the top window and previews it in the bottom window - which is actually a stripped down web browser (IE).


With this plugin you can render web pages, tables, text, XML - all kinds of stuff straight to the paint.net canvas.  CSS and JavaScript can be used.


Rendering of math equations requires an internet connection as I'm using MathJax to perform the rendering (because IE doesn't play nice with MathML).


Demo_Equation2.png(an identity of Ramanujan)


I've placed plenty of sample in the menus to get you started. 



It's a browser!


It is.  With an internet connection you can enter URL's in the little address bar and have web pages rendered in the preview panel.  Of course this DOES NOT give you permission to rip off graphics you don't own or have the rights to.  Normal copyright applies, 'mkay?





Download my zipped plugin pack http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/110145-eers-plugin-pack/

Unzip it and run the *.exe. Restart paint.net. Brilliant Eh? BoltBait wrote that installer. He's my hero.



Wheres it at?


Find the plugin in the Effects > Advanced submenu.



Cool Stuff


I've stuffed some very cool HTML5 effects into the menus.  One even shows animations!  Awesome B)


You'll find some helpful reference URL's in the Help menu.


Change the code window font and size with those clever little buttons in the micro Tool Bar.


Import fonts with the Google Font API and a little JS.  See HTML > Headings for a demo.




My thanks to Drydareelin for the idea and many suggestions along the development trail. Also to TechnoRobbo who assisted with some excellent code suggestions, and Red Ochre who also helped with the development. 


Caution #1


The web browser is a bit flaky.  No really.  I strongly advise you to save your code before rendering or write it in another application and paste it into the code window.  I also urge you to hit the COPY button prior to the OK button.  This copies the preview panel to the clipboard - so you have a copy if the render fails.



Caution #2


Be wary of changing the window size or the web browser font size.  Doing so will almost certainly lead to a fail-to-render moment.  Refreshing the preview panel by typing in a random character in the code window then deleting it should do the job.  I recommend using CSS to control the font size.



* I am not a doctor - though I'm frequently mistaken for one.  The name is a hat-tip to Dr Seuss - its a long story....

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Seerose, Remake, Technorobbo & Midora - thank you. You kind words are much appreciated.

@Red Ochre - ignore TeX and LaTeX formats & have a play with the MathML code samples. They have matching opening & closing tags just like the forum tags. The MathML tutorial link in the Help menu is a brilliant introduction to the subject.

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Wow Dr. Scott - that is simply amazing!

Thank you Pixey!


Too bad @Dryda will not be able to see it - he's still locked out from the site after all this time :( . (Although he says he sneaks a look when at Uni).

Dryda got to trial several beta versions - so had lots of play-time with this as I developed it. Thanks Dryda!

My thanks also to TechnoRobbo who assisted with a couple of excellent code suggestions, and Red Ochre who also helped with the development.

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It's awesome! I didn't even know this was up (even after I got back online) until EER told me. Watching it progress was pretty awesome too and it does it's job perfectly.


For the LaTeX side of it, there are multiple apps you can use too help you find the code needed.



There are some more, but these are my most used. I haven't really searched for any on HTML5 and MathML but I'm sure they exist :)

I'll give some more information on how to use these if asked.


Thanks for the plugin!

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The plugin uses the installed version of IE. If you're using IE9 the news is bad because it always uses ClearType font rendering (ref: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5427315/disable-cleartype-text-anti-aliasing-in-ie9).

You could try targeting an earlier version (or later) by adding this line into the HTML


<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE10">
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