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How to keep certain colours while making image Black/White

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''How to keep certain colours while making image Black/White''

Does someone know how to prevent certain selected area's from going a change when converting image in black/white classic look.

I never had a clue which keywords to use to search for this on google... haven't found any solution yet. 

I do know how to make an image black/white and changing eye colours. and learned this on internet search.. but I dont know how to keep original eye colours.



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Im sorry but they way you explain it, I do not understand how it works. im the worst n00b. I just installed the program  few days back I don't know anything yet about the program. like eraser or hardness settings and where it is.

Maybe you know a tutorial that explains it? I spend many hours on youtube searching but never found any, only see videos about how to change eye colours .


It has to be something like this


But this is not paint net tutorial but photoshop :(

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Hello!  I think what you are trying to accomplish is what is called The Pleasantville Effect and the steps are found here - I hope you can follow the instructions without the examples which, unfortunately have disappeared over time.


How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

My Gallery | My Deviant Art

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There is a plugin which duplicates the technique Pixey linked to. Find it here extract color

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