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Suggestion: shattered glass plugin

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I came across this image:


And I think the shattered glass look really great, so therefore I would like make a suggestion for a plugin which would make it possible to apply a shattered glass effect.

I'll imagine that it could work something like this:

1. Draw a circle to determine where the hole should be.

2. a menu will appear containing a few sliders which will be used to determin:

1. Hole radius slider to determine the radius of hole in the surface for example 0 value = no breached surface while a higher value would create a hole in the surface.
2. Shatter radius ie. for example 0 value = no shattering in the edge of the hole while a higher value would create a wider shattering in the surface around the hole.
3. Number of cracks means how many crack(s) should be generated
4. Length of the cracks simply means how far out from the edge of the hole will the cracks reach.

In order to better illustrate what I mean, then I have made an image of how the user interface could look like:


I think it is clear to everyone that I have built my mockup on the drop shadow plugin. The reason is that it has the shadow offset which is a very handy feature to add to this plugin in order to easily apply depth to a hole the combining will save a user the task of having to use the Drop Shadow afterwards.


I hope a few of you can follow my idea and I hope that there are one or two in our community with good enough programming skills to make such a plugin.

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