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What am I doing wrong when I resize an image?

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I'm trying to design and build a website using a re-done template and my photos didn't fit in the space I had. So I tried using their image editor and finally got the size on the first photo (actually a book cover not a photograph)--at any rate I got it right.


But then the second time I tried, I used pdn to resize. I used exactly the same pixel h X w, but when I put it on the template it was smaller than the first one even though the numbers were exactly the same: 250 w X 400 h.


So what did I do wrong?




O yeah--I used 300 dpi on both

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I'm not certain I'm understanding your problem correctly, but make sure you crop the image (as shown below) so there are no extra areas around the edges before you resize.


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Rick, no need to worry. Replies like MJW's just show what the poster is, and not what I am.


Noob, I didn't leave a border but I think what might have been the problem is that the website host's site settings are overriding mine. At any rate, I finally got it to fit close enough for me. As a real novice at all this even yet, I'm satisfied when I can come close even without the cigar.


Thanks to you and Rick for replies.



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