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Keyboard shortcuts do not work when focus on tool windows


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I found it very annyoing, if you have the focus on tool window (like layers), then the standard key shortcuts do not work.


  1. start paint.net
  2. click on the layers window to select the background layer (I know it's selected already as this is the only layer now, but just for to reproduce)
  3. press "ctrl++I" -> nothing happens. This is true for all shortcuts, not only Invert command.
  4. To workaround, you have to click back to the image (to move the focus to the main window), then you can use the keys.

This is very annyoing, for example you have 10 layers, and want to run some command on 5 layers, you select a layer, then click back to window, then press keyboard, then select layer, then again click back to main window,....


It is like this in all 4.0.x versions, including the latest 4.0.5



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This is my very first comment on the paint forum.


I just came here for the purpose of seeing if this has driven the users crazy like I thought it would but this is the only discussion I can find about it and no one seems to have noticed it, I am surprised.


How infuriating is this problem?



I have been using this for more than a couple years so my fingers fly over the keys to carry out the functions and this is slowing me down considerably.


It isn't just the shortcut keys I find that switching from one layer to another used be be a single click of the mouse and now that has to be more of a "cliiiick"


C'mon now!!


So many times I have thought that I switched layers but I was a little too fast with my click only to have to undo what I did and then go "cliiiiick" and do it over again!


Please can someone who knows about the program get onto this and update it or backdate it or whatever.

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Hi Drydareelin


First let me make it obvious that I am not trying to sound snarky or anything OK? I have found it very easy to upset people in print which is one of the reasons I avoid forums of any sort.


I did not know that the main programme is only one person, when I stumbled across this programme maybe 4 years ago it sounded to me like it was devloped by a community (so I guess that part just refers to the plugins am I right?)


I am not very tech savvy and despite being using this programme for more than a couple years now I am definitely not getting the full potential out of it because of that.


I really hope this problem gets put right as soon as possible, like I said this really slows me down and frustrates me.





This is a problem but I think you're forgetting the fact that one person works on the main program. 

Although hopefully a fix will come out soon. 


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