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Noobie Trouble with Transparencies...

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:D Hi, I am still fairly new at Paint.net, haven't used it all that much, but I'm playing around getting used to it. I have a basic landscape image used by permission from another artist, and I would like to try adding trees from the fractal tree maker plugin to this image. I downloaded and installed the Alpha_Space filter in order to try to make a transparent BG on a tree image just for practice. And I made a second layer in the attempt to get the trees layer (or layers, is the dream!) to show properly, laid the scene which is actually a waterscape.


I'm not sure what I am doing wrong, but I keep getting an error message about "not enough memory to paste from the clipboard", or words to that effect. The images are very modestly sized, my comp has a respectable RAM, so I don't understand what the prob is? I feel I should be able to simply select All on the blank layer where the trees ought to go, then paste that in (after using Alpha_Space of course) and have them showing all pretty. But that error message prevents me doing anything.... Help?! :roll:

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No need for Alpha space or two images here. Open your landscape image and create a new layer :addnewlayer: . Run the tree maker plugin directly on this layer.

As for the error message, it could be the size of the images. Layers tend to have a high memory overhead.

What size are the images & how many layers do they have? How much RAM do you have installed?

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Hi again, My installed RAM is 4 GB, and as for the images, they are only middling sized, about 900 x 550 or thereabouts, and only 1 layer thus far...very basic newbie stuff ! :) I will try that with a new layer and then creating the trees on it. Then...I shall be asking about how to use multiple layers of trees in varying opacities....

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