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I had to cut N past a pic and it's faded out

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The truth is that I found a picture to use for a cover but I had to download it to a .doc instead of to my pictures file. From there I somehow finally got it pasted into pdn but it is really washed out in colors. I tried to make the contrast do the trick but it didn't. I also tried to lessen the brightness but that too failed.


I just wondered what to use to "cure" the faded colors. They weren't faded in the original.


Is there some opacity enters into it?


Thank you for any help you can give me. Scott makes things so easy; hopefully he will answer. Or anyone else.



That's paste not past! :(

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The issue is that you saved it as a document, not an image. Try this: find your image again on the internet. Right click on it and select Copy Image.

Open paint.net and press Ctrl + V to paste the image directly into the canvas.

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As above. It’s not where you download it to that matters but in what format.


Anyway and for the record, there is a single-click Auto-Level adjustment under Adjustments that may bring improvement in some cases (or deterioration in others), but of course it’s much better if the image is good to start with.


If the colors are flat, you might try increasing color saturation as well as contrast.

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Thank you both.


I'd already tried hue/saturation but I went back and really slid those pointers around :) and to my eyes it does seem clearer.


As for the Auto-level adjustment, it doesn't exist under my really early version of PDN.


I'm either going to let it stand, or find another picture!



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