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Inverse transparency gradient thingy [Request]

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So here's a feature i have wanted every now and then but could never really describe it
The gradient tool has the great transparency feature, but it only works one way


Rei created a plugin that replicated this feature in a way, but it had an 'Inverse' feature


This would be an immense feature if it was baked into the gradient tool no?

Of course there are other ways to achieve this (soft eraser, blurring an outline, vignette plugins, blend modes etc) but built in it would have fewer limitations on its use (not having to be in the centre, allows usage of other gradients, friendly with huge canvases)

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Maybe you missed what the statusbar tells: Right click a handle to swap colors.

Or just start with the right mouse button.

What he's trying to do is use the transparency feature--the one that fades the existing image--backwards as shown in the image.

Unfortunately, this isn't quite as simple as it was in v3.x, but it's still pretty easy. All you have to do is set both of your colors to fully transparent before you use the gradient tool. I recommend setting one of your colors on the color palette to fully transparent to make the process more efficient.


EDIT: It's the same method as v3.x now. Just right click and drag.

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Ok, played with this in 4.0 just now and I got it!

I set my primary color to black. I set my secondary color to alpha transparency 0. I then changed the blending mode up in the tool bar from normal to overwrite. Finally, I clicked with my RIGHT mouse button and dragged.

Or, if you don't want to overwrite, just set primary color to black and secondary color to alpha transparency 0, and right click to draw. (I recommend making the gradient on it's own layer)

I also tried pdnnoob's idea and midora's and they work too (all three ideas are pretty much the same thing). So whichever way feels the best to you is what you should go with.

A note though, if you have two pictures, one on Layer A and one on Layer B and you want to make a hole in Layer B to reveal Layer A, then just use the gradient tool in transparency mode with the normal black and white colors, and then right click or left click to get the gradient you want.

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