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Want to make a new emblem

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Morning ppl,im looking for a bit of help or direction,im part of a gaming community here in the uk called Oldgamerz,we play on different platforms and many different games,we have a few of us playing Euro Truck Sim2 which allows you to put your own skins and designs on your trucks and trailers,i can do the skins no problem,but i was looking for a new design to put on our trucks which would include our name and emblem off our website,im looking for some idea's my mind is blank atm so im hoping with all ur artists minds we might be able to come up with something.





many thanks 




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23ADVERTISING and SOLICITING are strictly prohibited. This is NOT a place to find artists or developers, either for hire or for volunteer/free. This is NOT the place to advertise your product, company, or community. If you want, you may include a few links in your signature as long as they are small and unobtrusive. See Ash's signature for an example of what is tasteful and acceptable: http://www.getpaint....isc/ash_sig.png  



Its hard to ignore the appeal for your brand, its very unique. As a working designer id recommend you look at what others are doing and put your own twist on it, making use of your personal skills. An idea that's just jumped to my head now is that you could create a very simple flat logo, which you would then skin as often as you'd like, maintaining the original logos structure. This would give your brand presence, but also keep things interesting over different usages

A visual example of what i said here:

{ GIF - 1000x1000 }

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