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Help in recreating an effect (Image inside)

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As a new person to pixel art, and to Paint.net (Which is fantastic! Thank you to the talented designers:)) I would like to know how the gradient effect is created in the picture below?

Surely a person does not need to add graduating shades of a colour manually and a plug in is used instead?

Any advise on this would be greatly appreciated (Thank you:))


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Well, pixel artists are a particular bunch. They don't believe any tool should be used except for the pencil tool. So, to attack such a problem from their point of view, you would need to add each color manually.

Personally, I like to use the best tool for the job, be it the pencil tool, the built-in gradient tool, or the gradient effect. ;)

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Thank you for that quick reply :D

I must say, I am surprised at the thought of an artist manually applying all the different colours in just the correct amounts/places as I have seen this same effect used in many different drawings while surfing. (Some pictures are very large involving a tremendous amount of gradients)

(Will I have time left over for a life if I pursue this? lol)

Thank you once again for a great program :D

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