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Favicon Tutorial?

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Hello Paint.NET community. I was wondering if anyone knows how to create an impressive favicon using Paint.NET. I have followed one tutorial from some other site. Here's how I do it so far. I will also explain the problem I am having.

1. I resize the page to 16x16

2. I zoom the page to 3200%

3. Now when I begin to create my favicon I find I can only work with squares. How do other sites have such nice round icons with diagonal lines and such? I want to work with curves and bends not just squares. Is this possible and if so could you please tell me how.

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If you want it done right, you should download the .cur/.ico file format plugin.

Plugin here:


To actually answer your question, stop using the pencil tool. Use the brush tool and lines/curves tool. And make sure you turn antialiasing on, so all diagonal curves will be smooth. Oh, and you may be zoomed in so much, it looks worse than it actually is. You can't stop the squares from being squares, just from being easy to distinguish.

By the way, where is the tutorial that you were following?

You can do a lot with paint.net once you get a handle on all the features:


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