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Creating picture with different images

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Hey guys,

I just installed Paint.NET today and tried out some tutorials. But I couldn't find an answer to my question. I would like to know how to create an image with different elements.

The picture should consist of 3 different pictures of my girlfriend and me and I want to put a heart in the middle and write something under it (which is no problem).

Do I have to create 3layers and put each image on a different position? Or do I have to cut the different images before? It looks not so good if there are just 3 images with their angles put into one image.

I hope someone can help me, sorry for my bad english i'm from germany.

greets :)

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Look at this link:


It's a matter of patience and precision.

I really think he talking about a cologe. You know a group of images put together to form one big image of images.

Like this

Sorry link updated do to hotlink stopper


See there all anime images taken and put together into one image.

Note: that site is one I found when looking for cologe images in google and has notthing to do with me. There for I am not responsible for the content of that site.

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Funny, I thought he meant something like this:


or, this:


Of course, until the original poster gives us a clue, how can we help?

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are you sure he doesent mean one of those paramaic things? because that would be super easy...

Note: Notice how many diffrent things came up and how unspecific you made your post, not flaming you, just telling you, for faster and better help, be as specific you can...

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thanks for all the links. I see I didn't really express me carefully enough.

This link was a bit helpful I'll try it out today.


I want to add several pictures, but not only in their original form, but instead like this:


Here's a very simple image of what I thought:


perhaps you can give me some advice to create it easier than in the posted link I mentioned. If it's the easiest way I'll try it out.

greets and thanks

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Is it physically possible to do a masking plugin? If so, will it be made within the next decade [i'm serious]? About how many lines of code would that be? Am I being too inquisitive?

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thanks for you help I tried it out and it works well. But there's one problem left:

When I put the images into the background its color is not so intensive. I would like to have a better contrast so that it's easier to see the image.

perhaps someone knows a way to handle this.


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