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Has anyone had any luck installing virtualPhotographer by OptikVerve Labs? I put the virtualphotographer folder in the Effects folder but Paint.net isn't recognizing it. OptikVerve's web site does not mention Paint.net in its marketing literature so I'm doubtful that they've spent time working any bugs out. Has anyone here gotten these two to work together?

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It also lists the plug-in as working with:

Photoshop from Adobe

Photoshop Elements from Adobe

Paint Shop Pro from Jasc

Photo-Paint from Corel

Photo-Brush from MediaChance

Canvas from ACD

PhotoSuite from MGI

Image Explorer Pro from CDH Productions

Since it worked with those programs, I was optimistic that it would work with Paint.NET.

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If you saw that then you obviously saw this...

virtualPhotographer is a Photoshop-compatible plugin and as such requires a host image-editing program that supports Photoshop plugs.

That said, you can have two options:

1. Read and comply regarding the anouncment at the top of the Plugin Forum...

2. Use the Search function, or just browse the forum to see if PDN supports PS plugs.


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. 😉 -Rick Brewster

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