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[Text improvment] character and line spacing

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I have worked quite a bit with PdN for a webcomic translation, and there is a point that really annoys me (not to say block me): character and line spacings cannot be modified.

I know that we can move manually the lines and character once written, but for pages and pages, that's not good, basically for two reasons:

1/ it takes a loooooooooooong time

2/ we cannot assure that everything is perfectly aligned and that all the spaces are the same size

3/ in the case of overlapping characters, the one in the back is hidden by the selection that is moved.

(yes that's three reasons :D)

I don't know how this is feasible, but I would not have to go (back) to Photoshop for this (imho) stupid problem.



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I think that kinda points to the Popular Feature Requests sticky:

Ability to re-edit text, or "text layers", or some variation thereof -- This an enormous work item due to other plumbing that must be in place to enable it. This falls into the "yes I agree, and hopefully we'll have it someday." No ETA.

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