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Gradient Won't Save

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Ok, I apologize in advance if this comes out wrong, but I'm severely irritated right now after trying to figure this out for 30 minutes and Googling to find nothing for another 20 minutes. I'm not normally one to get irritated, but this is ridiculous. A 5 minute thing, turning into an hour.

I created a gradient on an image (not hard at all), but it won't save the image with the gradient added to it. It'll just save the image as if nothing was done to it. What am I missing? The tutorial in the program's help section doesn't say I have to do anything special to apply or save gradient effects. Other effects will save, but the gradient will not.

I'm using paint.NET 3.0 ...I just upgraded about an hour ago.

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If you open a nnn.jpg or .png etc. and add a layer to place your gradient, it will be save under nnn.pdn by default. So if you open nnn.jpg again it is normaly the original one without gradient.

Try to apply the gradient as use the 'save as...' to choose the file format.

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