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Question about grass

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i checked out the grass tutorial. very nice i may add. yet i was wondering if anyone has any ideas about making the grass without blurs. seems like no matter how much i sharpen the image i can't get it perfect. this is what i am able to do so far:

http://img503.imageshack.us/my.php?image=grassld8.png grassld8.th.png

and another


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Its not really clear what you are trying to achieve. What exactly about the process do you want to do differently?

Another thing, I know you know what process you did to make the grass, and I know what you did, but not everyone here has seen that tutorial.

You might want to link it to your post or just ask your question in the tutorial itself.


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Grass and hairs are one of the most difficult things to digitally recreate. Pixar, Dreamworks, spent billions of dollars to be able to do it.

My advice is to look at the XIX century movements like impressionism and so.

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