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suggestion - transparency map

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ok this is an idea of mine that i think will be really cool if it works =)

the idea is that theres a new layer type: transparency map.

this layer is automaticly turned to greyscale. it coresponds to the layer directly below it, non others (unless you duplicate or whatever)

now you know how it would work (hypotheticly) i shall tell you want it does

the basicl idea is that the black parts is 100% opaque, with white being 0% opaque, the greys, depending on lightness gives an inbetween opaqueness.

for example if you had a black layer, it would do nothing, a white layer would make it invisable (just like layer unclick) and grey would be somehwere between opaque and transparent. so yeah, nothing amazing, with one colour. next there would be gradients for example, this is just like the transparency gradients, so again, nothing amazing. however there is, potentialy, some really cool effects, for example when you start incoperating clouds, blurs, distorts, and any other effect really. also you can draw what parts you want to be visable, for example have a white background with, say, your username in black, this would mean that the text can be filled with a picture.

its an idea that ive had for a while, and id love to see it done, would do it myself but about as far as my programing goes ts changing the colour of forum text...


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