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How to resize the canvas with the mouse?

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Hi fleming, welcome to the forum.

There is no option to resize the canvas other than using the Resize dialog.

You can...

1. Define a rectangular selection and crop the image to that selection.

2. Define a selection and use the move tool :MoveTool: to enlarge or shrink it (canvas remains the same size).

3. Zoom in or out (Ctrl + mouse wheel).

What are you trying to achieve?

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Well, for one, this isn't MSPaint and is in no way associated with MSPaint.

The closest you can get to resizing with your mouse is selecting an area and cropping to the selection (ctrl+shift+x)

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Thanks for the fast replies,

I think that I will use Crt+Shift+x

I use this MSPaint to crop the screenshots (yes, I know that there specific software for that...)

I realise that with Paint.net is much faster than MS paint.


This is how I was doing:



This is how I going to do in the future:



Thanks for the feedback... 



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