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Help with Text Effects


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Hey Guys,

I'm inexperienced when it comes to photo editing, and I've found your program really easy to use. Its simply great.

Is there anyway to create shadowing around the text, or to make the edges of your text glow - to highlight it?

Cheers Guys,


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A quick shot:

Write your text in a transparent layer. Or cut it out using the magic wand; and erase the background.

Duplicate the layer.

Gaussian blurs the lower layer.

Fidel around with the colors in that layer. One of the things in the adjustments menu. BoltBait made a plugin that might come in handy:


This gives you something like this. Compere it to my signatur below The green is for ilustration only. The colore is your chose:


My DA: http://leif-j.deviantart.com/


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